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Shaman (or Shamanist) is a person, who exists in the Middle world (human world), but also can travel to the Upperworld and Underworld, who can communicate with the spiritual forces, who is able to foretell the future, who acts as intermediary between the natural and supernatural dimension, who is able to see the Hidden. In the ancient times each tribe had their own Shaman, he defended the tribe against the evil forces, cured illnesses and healed people, visited different worlds. Shaman’s Way starts from the mental development and clearing of his/her soul. Shamans have the cosmic consciousness, they have different soul vibrations and different spirits — «journeymans». Shaman’s costume is the Universe’s Reflection and his/her drum is a good guide in the supernatural trips.

Our website «Shaman’s World» can help you to learn more about the cult, traditions and ceremonies of the Indian, Permian, Siberian, Buryat, Nganasan and Peruvian shamanism. Here you can also buy special equipment and various Shaman’s attributes.

“Shaman’s Workshop” – is the set of the creativity of all shamanist’s styles. All products are handmade paraphernalia with the special force (everything is made by the skilled Shaman, who has the unique experience and the ancient knowledge from the past lives). The process of the creation of each item takes a lot of time and energy, because each artifact is created with the assistance of the supernatural energies. It is very important to choose the right time for the creation (moon phases are considered too). All products are made by the special ancient technology, which is held sacred.

A Shaman holds his ceremonies with his paraphernalia, usually with the drum for shamanistic séances. The beating of the drum allows the Shaman to achieve an altered state of consciousness or to travel through the physical and spiritual worlds. Shaman drums are generally constructed of an animal-skin stretched over a bent wooden hoop, with a handle across the hoop. The Shaman also can release the souls of the animals from their hidden abodes, he can traverse the axis mundi and he can enter world of spirit by effecting a transition of consciousness, entering an ecstatic trance. All ceremonies are held in the Places of the Force using ancient methods and traditions. The special ceremonies of healing consist of retrieving the lost soul of the ill person, opening of the Mind and the Body, clearing of the soul and the general harmonization.

The Shaman travels to the Places of The Force and you have a unique opportunity to take part in his journeys, there you can participate in all practices (for example, in the ceremony of healing), you can create an Indian Mandala with the special energy, have a talk with the Shaman, etc.

If you want to know more about the Places of the Force, please, read the article “Conversation with the Shaman” (you can find it in the section “Campfire”). You can see the plan of the Shaman’s journeys in the section “Trips”.

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In the section “Sorcerer” you can learn more about the effective healing herbs, which are used by the Shaman.

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